Travel Photography – 7 Tips to Get Great Photos!

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Plus through an online booking agency, I was able to pick and choose hotels, locations based on price and ratings. This also put all of my travel information in one site which made finding reservations, directions and making adjustments very easy.

If driving, I highly suggest printing your routes and keeping them in the car. There are times when cellular coverage can be spotty.

Whether driving or flying, if you’re headed to a big city that relies on trains, check out the train and local transportation routes in advance. Knowing how to get to your planned destinations, the stops closest to your hotel will give you more time to search for hidden, unexpected photography treasures.

Safety tips: 1) Print or email a copy of your travel plans and leave them with a trusted neighbor, family member or co-worker. This ensures that someone can reach you in the event of an emergency. 2) Take photos or copies of your passport, drivers license, credit cards and medical cards and store them in one of your cloud apps as a backup.

2. Search social media sites for images of your destinations

There’s a huge amount of data available for just about every location you can imagine. To get ideas on where to go and what you may see, location searches on Pinterest, Flickr, Facebookand Google Images will supply a plethora of images and guides. The search results may help validate what you want to photograph and offer ideas for other locations to explore.

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