Travel Photography – 7 Tips to Get Great Photos!

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Travel photography offers the photographer a rich and rewarding experience. Being very prepared versus having some information will make a huge difference in productivity and the overall experience.

Many of us spend our time immersed in locations that are not too far away from home. When we get travel to new destinations it is both fun and a bit chaotic. Airports, what to pack, rental cars, trains, driving directions and sleeping accommodations require planning. Those activities alone take time, cost a lot of money and can be stressful when seeking a new place.

Then, there’s the actual ‘art’ of planning the travel experience. Where to go. What to photograph. When is the best time of day for the light for your shoot. Do you want to shoot the ‘iconic’ scenes, explore different venues, or both?

Investing our time researching and planning the photography itinerary can make the difference in returning home with a few great images or many.

1. Research Travel Photography & Logistics Options – in advance

Are you a road warrior, air/train aficionado or a bit of both? When flying or taking a train, it pays to research airlines directly, travel agencies and travel apps.

I recently made the trek to Norway from the United States. By researching air carriers using online booking agencies combined with with a little flexibility in airports, I was able to save $500 on my airfare. That’s the equivalent of a teleconverter, a few filters or a prime lens!

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