Tips for Taking Great Landscape Photos at Epic Locations

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Photos with car trails are another interesting type of epic landscape. You’ll need time to find the right combination of low shutter speed, neutral density filters, ISO, and a sturdy tripod. But the results are striking when done well.

Not every natural landscape photograph needs to be free of human artifacts. A road, boat, or even a vacationer’s sunglasses and hat add a sense of context to an image that would otherwise simply be about the scenery. What story are you trying to tell with your photography?

Tips for Taking Great Landscape Photos at Epic Locations

Think About Astrophotography

The sky is a great place to add depth to an image. Long exposure astrophotography can show wonders like the Milky Way blazing across the sky so long as you can find skies free of city light pollution. The rocky sculptures of the deserts and mountains are beautiful in of themselves during the day. But they often show up nicely in long exposure nighttime images as well. And in extremely dark environments photographers may opt to add light with flashlights or other light sources.

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Star trails are another way to add beauty to an epic scene. It requires the photographer to find focus on Polaris, the North Star. As long as the camera is pointed there, by switching to Bulb mode and creating extra long exposure images, you can create a swirl of stars streaking across your image. Already epic locations can become even more epic after dark!

Tips for Taking Great Landscape Photos at Epic Locations

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