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The Vision X Super Bee

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Dodge produced the Super Bee for a few years back in the late sixties, and has also incorporated the name into some of their recent models. At the time, it was an answer to the American Muscle craze that was taking the country by storm; there was high demand for a fast and affordable muscle car, and Dodge planned on giving the people what they wanted. The brain behind this particular rebuild is Joe Biro, and he wanted nothing more than for the project to tap into that era of American Muscle.

Mr. Biro is well-acquainted with the automotive industry; he is the VP and founder of Vision X USA. The automotive lighting company out of Auburn, Washington played a large role in the rebuild, but credit for the grunt work goes to Rob Lelakowski. His automotive shop is located in Buckeye, Arizona, and he was more than happy to take on the project, which had been rejected by 3 shops prior because of the rough shape of the body.

A traditional Coronet body was used for the exterior of the car but was in rough shape before being soda-blasted down to spec. Chrome accents add a bit of flare, but altogether it looks like a new Bee straight off the line. Once you open the hood though, it’s a totally different story. Most was kept stock, but some modern conversions were made, including new disc brake conversions up front, new suspension all around, and some engine modifications.

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