The 11 Most Important Genres of iPhone Photography

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3. Experiment with post processing as it takes time to define your style. For example, it wasn’t until recently that I discovered a style of post processing which defines what I enjoy in my architecture photos.

Architecture 1

4. Don’t be afraid to go shoot the same buildings or structures as you may see something you didn’t capture the first time. In addition, weather can often produce a more dramatic shot than the first time you visited.

5. Get out and shoot photos as much as you can.

Black & White Photography – Paul Brown

My world is in color. It’s beautiful. Black and white shows a different world, one I only see on paper. It removes the distractions and clashes that color can introduce. Suddenly shadows, light, shapes, lines and textures leap out in a harmonious way. The image can feel more cohesive.

Processed with VSCOcam with x5 preset

I try to capture (or create) an atmosphere, not a scene. Broadly I think the atmosphere can be changed by adopting either a bright high key and washing away shadows or a darker low key, possibly with its related high-contrast noir style. I tend towards the low key/noir end of the spectrum and for my taste I think that atmospheric style is suited to black and white.

Black and White 1

Black & White Photography Tips

1. As with traditional photography you can choose to capture black and white directly or you can capture color and convert to black and white in post processing. To start, try comparing the results from both methods. Spend some time capturing in black and white. The native camera app has a couple of options (including Noir) and there are a range of specialist black and white camera replacement apps.

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