The 11 Most Important Genres of iPhone Photography

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Some time ago a reader emailed me asking to write a blog post about the different genres of iPhone photography. While I immediately loved the idea, I also realized that nobody can be an expert in all genres of iPhoneography, and approaching photographers from each genre would be the only way to create this post. After weeks of work by me and so many others, I’m super excited to publish tips for all the different genres of iPhone photography.

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Architecture Photography – Chris Stern

Architecture can be interpreted in many different ways such as seeing it as part of architecture landscape and how one building compares to another through old vs new or through a minimalist view of lines, curves or symmetry.

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Architecture photography is different from other styles of iPhoneography in the sense that you are focusing on one subject such as a building which is more isolated than other genres such as street photography where you are focusing on a scene where you are trying to capture emotion.

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Architecture Photography Tips

1. Look at works of others who enjoy photographing architecture as there are many different styles to choose from.

2. Don’t be afraid to experiment in different styles of architecture photography. This will help in defining what you love to capture.

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