Filters Explained Part 2: Landscape Photography

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When it comes to capturing amazing landscape images, filters are an experienced photographer’s best friend. Learning how – and when – to use these filters for best results will help you to take your photography to the next level; allowing you to capture the type of images that you’re after.

Let’s look at the three of the most popular and important filters that should be found in every professional landscape photographer’s kit: polarizers, ND filters, and GND filters; and see how you can use them to enhance your photography and capture some breathtaking images.

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Various Filters

Using Polarizers

Polarizers are one of the most popular types of filters for landscape photography. These filters are ideal for cutting through reflections and glare, resulting in deeper, more saturated colors. They’re often used for capturing deep blue skies or photographing the landscape after a rain.

Since polarizers can also cut through atmospheric haze, they’re also ideal for photographing distant hills or mountain ranges that would otherwise be difficult to see.

To help you get the most out of your polarizer, here are a few things that you should know about using these filters.

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