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Classic Recreations’ “Blurple” ’67 Shelby Mustang

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To say that the Classic Recreations take on rebuilding this amazing American Muscle legend is breathtaking would be an understatement. Starting from the frame of a 1967 Shelby Mustang that was found in what could only be referred to as a “boneyard”, every part has been replaced and updated with the most modern options without losing the classic touch and feel.

Now the “Blurple” GT500CR is on it’s way to it’s new owner, an anonymous Sheik in the Middle East. Without the custom work that we’ll dive into here, this car would have run a buyer $219,000 but, with all the added extras and features, that price swelled to about $234,000. Despite the shifting economic powers in the world, the Oklahoma based company doesn’t show signs of slowing down productions. As one country’s orders drop off because their currency has lost value, another country’s swells and the orders start coming in from a different destination.

How did it get from there to here though? What did it take to turn a rusted out relic sitting on the automotive death row into a rolling wonder? The short answer is: Everything. The longer version is much more interesting for the technically and aesthetically minded car enthusiast so we’ll take that route.

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