Best Backpacks for the Landscape Photographer

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When looking for a camera bag aesthetics, functionality, price, and durability all vie for our attention. Each bag here takes these factors into account and are highly rated as being some of the best bags for the landscape photographer. While other bags may look nicer, a leather bag won’t protect your sensitive electronics nearly as well as treated nylon in a sudden rain. Satchel bags are sometimes easier to access tools from but are not as comfortable as a backpack when hiking hours to your scenic vista. Therefore, the bags here are all backpacks using mostly durable synthetic blends that resist the elements and snagging branches.

Altura Photo Wanderer Series Camera Bag

First up is a budget option from Altura. At $49.99 this bag won’t break the bank yet is sturdy enough to trust with your gear. The bag is constructed out of 840D Nylon fabric. Nylon is a plastic creation and is what the majority of backpacks are made with nowadays. Nylon is water resistant and strongly resistant to tearing and shearing forces but not punctures.The product listing mentions it being made with “tough reinforced stitching.” Ripstop nylon is much stronger than regular nylon due to an interlacing of thicker threads at regular intervals. The average camping bag uses 400-600D nylon so the Altura Photo wanderer is made to last.

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