9 Tips For Taking Amazing iPhone Photos In Busy Cities

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A typical city is full of traffic, busy backgrounds, and lots of people that all have an interesting story to tell. Cities are a great place for iPhone photography as there’s a new photo opportunity around every corner. However, the busy nature of these urban environments can make it difficult to capture interesting moments in a visually pleasing way. In this tutorial you’ll discover nine tips for taking incredible iPhone photos that capture the wonderful atmosphere of streets and cities.

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1. Include People in Your Shots

Street photography is all about telling stories of city life – and including people in your photos is the best way of achieving this. Photographing strangers might seem like a daunting task, but capturing people in their most candid composure can be very rewarding.

Start by photographing people from a distance. This will allow you to remain discreet and it’ll give you a chance to work on composition and scale. Find a large building to act as the backdrop then wait until someone walks into the scene before taking your shot.

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Think about where you want the person to appear within the frame, e.g. on the left, the right, the middle, or when they walk past a certain object such as a pillar or doorway.

To maximize your chances of capturing the person in the perfect position and with the perfect stride, shoot using burst mode in the Camera app. As soon as the person walks into the frame, hold the shutter button down to fire off a series of photos in quick succession.

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As you build more confidence, try to get shots of people from a closer perspective. Capturing facial expressions and body language allows you to convey more emotion in your photos. This helps you tell a more powerful story that creates a connection with the viewer.

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