9 spring photography projects

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Why not make the most of the spring months by setting yourself a photography project, to get you out of the house and shooting something different? We have a number for you to try.

1. Abstract architecture

Abstract architectural photography may seem like an esoteric art involving lots of specialist knowledge and expensive tilt-and-shift lenses, but with a bit of lateral thinking you can get good results with everyday gear.

Rather than equipment, the biggest requirement is an ability to see shapes and perspectives creatively. You don’t need to live next door to an amazing example of modern architecture, either. Most town centres have at least one or two interesting and striking buildings, while larger cities almost certainly will – be it the new Bullring in Birmingham or the redeveloped docks in Liverpool. As with landscapes, it’s important to spend some time investigating the building from different perspectives before setting up your tripod and blasting away.

  1. A telephoto lens can make otherwise mundane parts of a building look unusual Wideangle lenses are great for getting in as much of the scene as possible, but ensure background clutter doesn’t detract from your main subject.
  2. Break the rules and don’t worry about converging verticals. Spirals and other classic compositional devices can also work, so watch out for staircases, fire escapes and other features that create interesting graphic shapes.
  3. However dramatic your building, the impact of the image will be reduced by a bland grey sky. Consider using an ND filter to bring out a bit of shape in the clouds, or beef up the skies in software, but don’t overdo it.
  4. While it’s normally OK to photograph privately owned buildings from a public place in the UK, such as the street, you may get challenged if you stray onto land owned by the building. It may be worth asking permission first.
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