8 Tips from Mobile Photography Experts, plus their Favorite Apps

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By some (but not all) accounts, it’s been nearly twenty years since the cell-phone camera was invented on the fly—while technologist Phillippe Kahn awaited the arrival of a daughter—so to transmit a photo of the newborn to the world. Since that time, mobile photography has evolved into an omnipresent way of life and a multifaceted world view, with the proliferation of latest-generation mobile devices offering users more options and better quality than ever before.

Given the ease of use and simplified workflow afforded by the mobile environment, casual users can make pictures with hardly a thought to the process or the circumstances. But since mindfulness is a good thing, we asked a number of mobile photography experts to share some helpful tips and to recommend their favorite apps.

Get the Latest Technology and the Most Storage

Digital imaging pioneer Dan Burkholder has been shooting with a mobile device since he started using a Palm Treo in 2003. He currently works with the iPhone 6s Plus, and is a big fan of the real estate available with the larger screen. A self-described digital packrat, Burkholder recommends opting for the largest storage capacity available in a phone. “Our images are going to get larger and the resolution is going to continue to go up, now that we’re going to be working with raw files and editing different iterations of an image,” he says.

Multimedia journalist Richard Koci Hernandez shares this opinion, saying, “When a new phone comes out, the price of the lower-end model can seem more attractive, but storage is an issue if you buy at the low end. I’ve always felt the need for more space on my phone, because by the time I download all my apps, it eats up all the app space, and depending on how you use your music, there’s almost no room for photography.”

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