8 Landscape Photography Tips and Tricks for Beginners

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Use a tripod

cameras come with a strap

A tripod is useful for getting sharp shots—and that’s a big deal in landscape photography. A good tripod will eliminate camera shake for sharper shots than you can snap handheld, even at faster shutter speeds. Many amazing landscape images are the result of longer shutter speeds to blur waves and clouds, and a tripod isn’t an optional accessory in those scenarios. Opt for a sturdy tripod that’s lightweight for carrying out to all those spectacular scenes.

Decide on where to place the horizon


Many beginners simply point the camera at the part of the scene that inspires them the most. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with photographing what inspires you, make your composition a little more deliberate. Instead of just shooting, think about where to place the horizon in the frame, instead of automatically putting it dead center. What’s the most interesting part of the scene? If it’s the landscape, try putting the horizon on the upper third. If it’s the sky, try placing the horizon on the lower third to capture more of the sky in the shot.

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