8 Landscape Photography Tips and Tricks for Beginners

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You’ve stumbled on an amazing scene. You pull out your camera and snap a few pictures to capture that beauty, however when you open those images on the computer, the magic is gone. The scene that took your breath away in person is lackluster in pixels. Why? How do the pros capture landscape images that are just as stunning as being there in the person? Capturing beautiful scenes isn’t simple, but with a few landscape photography tips and tricks, you can help bring some of that view home with you.

Wait for the right light

Wait for the right light

The human eye has the ability to adjust to different levels of light, to read an entire scene even with lots of contrast. The camera isn’t as capable. While there are ways to fight tough light, the easiest option that also gets the best results is to simply wait for the right light. A bright sunny day creates lots of contrast in a scene, with very bright highlights and very dark shadows. Early in the morning and late in the afternoon will have less contrast and a beautiful warm glow. If the weather is cloudy, you don’t necessarily have to wait to the end of the day, since the clouds filter out the sunlight for soft, even light.

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