7 Tips For Using Framing In Your iPhone Photo Composition

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If you want to make your iPhone photos more interesting and meaningful, you should definitely try using “frames” within your composition. By framing the subject with another object in the scene, you can create striking compositions that really draw the viewer into your image. In this tutorial you’ll discover how to use framing composition techniques to create more compelling photos with your iPhone.

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1. Search The Scene For Framing Objects

A framing object refers to anything in the scene that can be used to form a visual frame around the subject or focal point.

Frames will add wonderful visual interest to an image, as well as context and depth. They’re also perfect for drawing the viewer’s eye into the scene toward the focal point.

A frame can go around all four edges of the composition, or it might just creep around one or two edges of the scene.

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Whenever you’re taking photos with your iPhone, take a few moments to explore the location. Is there anything that you could use as a frame within your composition?

Typical examples of framing objects include window frames, open doorways, arches, tunnels, and overhanging tree branches.

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The simple act of taking a few steps back, or changing your shooting position and viewpoint, can result in you being able to include a framing object in your photo.

A framing object is typically something in the foreground that you shoot through, such as an open window or an archway.

But you can also use background elements as a frame, such as the trees behind the people in the photo below.

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