7 Tips for Taking Great Landscape Photos in Midday Light

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Generally, most of us tend to avoid shooting in the midday sun.

Noon is when the sun’s rays are at their brightest and harshest, resulting in lighting that can be challenging to work with. Additionally, with the bright sun comes harsh shadows, and plenty of contrast; resulting in images that are often overexposed and blown out.

But while shooting in the midday sun may not always be ideal, sometimes we don’t really have a choice! We can’t always find ourselves on-location during the morning or late afternoon golden hours, and being able to work with the midday sun can help you to walk away with some amazing shots that you would have otherwise missed out on. Additionally, there are some exciting photo opportunities to be had in bright lighting conditions that are different than what’s found at any other time of day.

If you’d like to learn how to take great landscapes when the sun is overhead, here are a few tips that will help you to capture some amazing images –no matter how bright the sun!

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