6 Ways to Take Care of Your Mental Health This Summer

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So many of us count down the days until the warmth and relaxation of summer arrives. It’s an exciting time filled with long sunny days, new adventures and a less formal routine. But for some, especially those who struggle with anxiety, the summer months can trigger feelings of being overwhelmed and losing control. A more flexible work schedule, an abundance of social activities and the expectation of being carefree can put a lot of pressure on a racing mind.

1) Get Moving

Exercise has long been known as a great way to defuse anxiety. Enjoying the warm weather, soaking up the sunshine and hitting the pavement is a winning combination to calm a racing mind. Get a pool membership, find a great bike trail, go for regular hikes or take part in an outdoor boot camp to get those endorphins pumping while you enjoy a healthy dose of vitamin D.

2) Set a Goal

Try and challenge yourself to train for a race or take on a new activity. Although daunting, completing it can fuel your sense of adventure, show you that you can overcome your fears and make you feel proud and accomplished. Don’t avoid challenges this summer. Though it can be scary at first, that feeling of stepping outside your comfort zone is ultimately exhilarating.

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