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Nature photographs are a firm favorite among photographers, both professionals and amateurs. They offer endless possibilities for travel and adventure for the photographer, while evoking memories and fantasies in the minds of viewers.

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While a stunning nature photograph looks effortless, many factors, such as the sun, clouds, rain, wind, snow, noise, and animal movements come into play, complicating the process. And worst of all, none of these elements are in your control. But take it from us, that one good photograph makes all the effort worth it. Adding to it, your photograph has the power to help viewers imagine themselves in the wondrous scenery that you’ve captured.

While many elements remain beyond your control, your mindset, skills, and equipment can make the difference between an award-winner and “yet another nature photograph.” Here are six tips and tricks to capture the perfect nature photograph:


Let’s face it—just because you are on a quest to capture the perfect photograph, Mother Nature is not going to change her ways to make it easy for you. There is no “look up, to the right, smile, hold” in nature photography. You’ve got to work with what’s there. A good understanding of nature will help you see its essence in everyday life. You will be surprised to know that you don’t need to be atop the Alps or deep inside the Amazon to capture your money shot. Simple things like a flock of birds, cloud formation, or a row of trees in contrasting colors in autumn all make worthy subjects. Get in the habit of snapping photos using at least your mobile device every time you are out and about to get familiar with nature. It will also help build your instincts for great photographic material. The more you snap, the more skilled you get. It’s that simple.

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