5 Ways To Create A Sense Of Depth In Your iPhone Photos

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Creating a sense of depth and distance in your iPhone photos can sometimes be tricky to achieve. If you don’t have anything in the scene to add a sense of perspective, your images can look flat and lifeless. In this tutorial you’ll discover five highly effective composition techniques that will help you to convey a stronger sense of depth in your images. This will allow you to produce more intriguing and exciting iPhone photos that invite the viewer to explore the details all the way through the scene.

While we see in three dimensions with our own eyes, our cameras only capture two dimensional images. This means that it’s more difficult to capture a scene that looks as good as it did with your own eyes.

Often, just a change in viewpoint or including extra elements in the foreground of the scene can help tremendously with creating a sense of distance. So let’s take a look at five simple, yet highly effective ways to add depth to your iPhone photos.

1. Use Leading Lines

The term “leading lines” refers to lines in a scene that lead from the foreground all the way into the distance. Train tracks, long roads, curvy rivers, a fence, or a path leading through tall grass are all good examples of leading lines.

Lines create strong graphical elements that make for an extremely eye-catching image. They’re also one of the best ways to create a sense of depth in your photos. The viewer’s eye will naturally follow the lines through the scene, connecting the foreground to the background.

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