5 Tips To Getting Sharp Photos With A Shallow Depth Of Field

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One of the hardest obstacles to overcome as a photographer is learning how to get sharp photos with a shallow depth of field. It is not easy. On film sets, there’s a dedicated person who’s job (among others) is keeping everything in focus. Granted, autofocus is never used in the film industry but it gives you a good idea of how important and difficult this task can be. With this article, I’m going to give you a few tips to help you keep your photos sharp.

1. Know Your Basics When Using A Shallow Depth OF Field

This tip applies to so many things in photography (and life, for that matter) you need to know the basics. In other words, don’t run before you can walk. There is no magic setting (as of yet) which will ensure all of your shallow depth of field photos are sharp. Sorry. To give you the best chance possible, you need to first understand depth of field; you need to know simple things like what the minimum shutter speed you require is; what internal camera settings to choose; how to check the micro focus on your lenses.

Achieving consistently sharp photos, while using a shallow depth of field, is hard. Do not be discouraged if at first you do not succeed. Give yourself the best grounding possible by making sure you fully understand your camera and the concepts of photography, before deciding this is too hard. Photography 101 is a fantastic resource for beginners and will give you all the info you need to get you going. Find it here.

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