5 Tips And Techniques Every Landscape Photographer Should Know

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2. Timing Is Everything

In terms of lighting, timing really is everything. There are certain times of the day that are just inherently better to shoot landscapes because the quality of the natural light is so much better. Some of the best landscape photos are shot during the golden and blue hours. Both occur twice a day, around sunrise and sunset–there are a lot of apps and websites you can use to pinpoint these times to the second to make sure you never miss one again.

Not only is the lighting more even during these times (thanks to the angle of the sun to earth), but gorgeous blue and golden tones will almost certainly make for a more dramatic image.

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3. Be On The Hunt For Leading Lines

When you’re location hunting and again when you’re composing your image, keep your eye out for things that can be used in the composition as a leading line. That is, a line (such as a road or winding river) that ideally leads the viewers eye to a subject or strong visual point of the composition. Because of their strong visual aesthetic, leading lines can be a golden find for landscape photographers–whenever you spot a nice one, take the time to photograph it or note the location so you can return in the future and shoot it then.

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