5 Tips And Techniques Every Landscape Photographer Should Know

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There are no shortcuts to becoming a great photographer–regardless of whether you shoot landscapes or portraits, it takes a lot of hard work and practice. Luckily, practice can be a lot of fun–especially when you’re armed with helpful bits of advice right from the get go.

1. Do The Footwork

There’s more to landscape photography than taking photos of the scenic points of a road that are easily accessible by car. Sure, they may be beautiful to look at, but, because they’re so easy to get to, a lot of people have already seen (and photographed) them. Of course, scenic points can be great spots to practice and shoot every once in a while, but make sure you’re going off the beaten path on occasion as well. Put on your adventure shoes and take your camera for a nice hike in search of the perfect landscape.

Iceland Landscape

If your location scouting is limited to easy to access spots, try your hardest to photograph them in a unique way. You may want to try out several different perspectives and vantage points.

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