12 Ways to Run Your Life Like a Boss With OneNote

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4. Project Management

If the simple Kaizen to-do list setup isn’t enough to help you manage your projects, OneNote can be used as a full project management tool too.

Depending on the complexity of your projects, you may want to set up a new notebook for each one. Within these notebooks, you can add detailed to-do lists, track emails, share information, create a team wiki, and record meeting notes. You can then share all or part of this notebook with your team members. If you want a step-by-step guide to all of this, the video below will help.

If many of your projects are quite similar, you can also create OneNote templates to make starting a new project extremely easy.

5. Managing Your Finances

The easiest way to track your finances in OneNote is to import a suitable Excel finance spreadsheet into your notebook and keep this up to date within the app.

If you’re a Mac user, you’ll need to create your own, simple table to combat those pesky Mac-user restrictions.

As well as this, a very useful feature here is the ability to store all of your receipts in OneNote. Download the OneNote app to your smartphone, and start taking snaps of each of your receipts. Be sure to send these to a dedicated section of OneNote. The OCR feature within the app makes each of these receipts readable, so you can search for dates or items, instead of sifting through huge piles of fading pieces of paper.

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