10 Tips to Improve Your Wedding Photography

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Are you a beginner who is about to photograph your first wedding ever? Or, are you a seasoned pro shooter who could pick up a second job critiquing the moistness levels of wedding cakes from hundreds of different bakeries?

Regardless of your skill levels and experience, there is always room for learning new tricks and adding new, great images to your portfolio. We spoke to a handful of wedding photographers around North America to capture their thoughts on how to improve the art of shooting wedding photos.

1. Scouting

One of the most echoed and consistent advice we heard was: Scouting. Nearly every wedding pro we spoke to stressed this aspect of their imagery. Alex Oat, based in San Diego, California, keeps it simple by saying, “Scout it out! Know the venue, the light, the cool spots for photos.”

Westchester, New-York-based Jesse Rinka expands on this by stating, “During your consultation with the bride and groom, topics related to the types of locations and settings that they prefer to use for portraits should have been discussed. Your clients are paying you a decent amount of money for your knowledge, experience, and expertise. Put in the time and research ahead of their big day and be sure to review the options that you feel would work best for them based on their feedback. Have a plan A, B, and C in case of unexpected issues or inclement weather. Also be sure to check for requirements related to the need for having a permit. Typically, the clients are responsible for securing one if it is necessary, especially when there are fees involved, but knowing ahead of time the risks involved with having or not having one will put you ahead of the game.”

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