10 Tips to Improve Your Aviation Photography

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We see them every day overhead, and they always make us look up and ponder. Airplanes are a romantic concept because of the faraway places to which they can take us, and because of the amazing feat of flight itself! The fact that airplanes travel so quickly is something we all connect with. From an artistic point of view, their shape and design are very appealing. These are all factors that have driven me to get as involved with aviation photography as I am with wildlife.

Aviation photography is a fast-growing community. More and more photographers are discovering that not only is it challenging—it’s also a lot of fun. Plus, it requires very little gear. For me personally, it’s a simple combination of wildlife and landscape photography. The plane is the wildlife, the rest of the photo is the landscape—and when you combine the two, you come up with my style of aviation photography. To help you light the fires and kick the tires, here are ten tips to lift your aviation photography off the ground.

1) Holding the Camera

This is the number-one tool, technique, trick and tip that you must master for aviation— and for all photography. There is little tripod usage in aviation work, mainly because of time, space and safety. However, you still must provide your camera with a solid platform to get those sharp images, especially in low light. The following technique must become a second nature for you, so practice, practice, practice.

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