10 Hidden Gem Landscape Photography Locations in the U.S.

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Last week we showcased 15 of the most iconic destinations for landscape photography in the United States. While all of those locations are well worth a visit, there are plenty of other locations that are equally perfect for photographing, even if they are not as well known. Today we’ll showcase 10 of these under-the-radar locations. Many of these places are popular within their regions, but they don’t have the national, or even worldwide, recognition of places like the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone.

Browse through this list and see if there are any destinations that would be easy for you to visit.

Bushkill Falls, Pennsylvania

I lived in Pennsylvania for about 20 years before knowing that Bushkill Falls existed, but as soon as I visited for the first time it became one of my favorite places in the state. Located in the Pocono Mountains, Bushkill Falls is a privately operated and includes several different waterfalls. The main falls are easy to access, aside from many stairs that might wear you out a little. Other falls require a hike, a few miles roundtrip. The park is beautiful in all seasons (although it is closed for much of the winter), but it is especially amazing in the fall. See our Guide to Photographing Bushkill Falls.

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